How Do I Open the Hand Fan?

Hold hand fan with FF logo facing you. Pivot top spine gently to the right. Bamboo ribs should lay flat and not twist. The FF logo should end up to your right. Please note: Opening the fan backwards (with the top spine to the left) may break the inner spines.

Do you Sell Wholesale?

Yes! We would love to be in your store! Please see our Wholesale Page and /or contact us for wholesale pricing (minimum 30 fans) at info@fineandfolded.com.

Can I Buy These for an Event?

Absolutely! We have wholesale pricing available starting at quantities of 30 – contact us at info@fineandfolded.com for more information. Customized design? Yes! With a minimum order of 500 hand fans your fan can be customized to your event or business. We can also do custom labels or hang-tags for an alternative fun customization without the minimum. See here for more information.

What’s so great about your hand fans?

Besides our totally unique designs, what differentiates our fans from many others is quality. We spent a great deal of time looking for a manufacturer to create exactly what we were looking for. This included how they folded, the 33 spines, quality bamboo and the just-the-right hand fan paper. All these details make a difference. Even down to having a beautiful fabric-lined bag with a magnetic closure to keep the fans safe in your purse – we wanted a quality product that would last.

Where are the Hand Fans Made?

Extensive research and testing of 100s of samples led us back to the origins of hand fan culture. Our fans are hand made with our wonderful manufacturer in the Zhejiang province of China. Hugh and his experienced team know excellence and understood all the details we wanted. Read more HERE

How Do I Care For My Hand Fan?

We like to say our hand fans are neither disposable nor indestructible. For maximum longevity, keep your hand fan closed and safe in its bag when not in use. Also, keep them away from liquids, small children, pets and fire. Do not use as a cocktail or coffee stirrer. Bag is machine-washable. Fan is not.

How Do I Fan Myself?

Fanning is all in the wrist. After opening the hand fan, hold it as if you might hold a book up to read to a group of small children. Twist the palm of your hand towards you and then flick your wrist back and forth.

Hint: your arm should not move with proper fanning. If you knock over your neighbor, you’re doing it wrong.

I’m Left-Handed, Can I Still fan?

Yes! We have an in-house leftie who has fully tested the functioning of our hand fans and we are proud to report that they are 100% south-paw approved.

What Is The Tiny Loop For?

Charms, darling!. Personalize your hand fan or gift with a hand fan charm or two. Ideas include first and/or last initial. A loving ‘X0’ could also be appreciated! These are also great for weddings and events! (limit 2 charms per fan)

What’s with the Squirrel?

We love them. They never stop moving, they’re constantly busy darting in a million directions and they happen to have a perfect fan tail! Additionally, as long-time business partners (ThreeDefined- A Marketing Boutique), running partners and friends: we tend to get side-tracked in our meetings with random inserts about family, running, husbands, commercials we love, news we hate, a new shade of gray or…you get the picture. At some point, one of us calls out “SQUIRREL!” and we get back to work.

Have You Ever Thought About…?

Design ideas or event ideas? We love ‘em! Send to info@fineandfolded.com or Contact Us

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